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iPhone videos

Activating a Locked AT&T iPhone with the Simple Mobile Sim Card

Maybe you've seen the commercials as I have and immediately wondered, "Can I activate my AT&T iPhone with Simple Mobile?". The answer is NO WAY! The reason is that Simple Mobile is essentially a TMobile reseller. While they may not be directly affiliated with TMobile, they use the TMobile network to activate their SIM cards. What this means, is that you must have an unlocked iPhone for it to work with the Simple Mobile calling plans.

Setting up Straight Talk MMS on AT&T Locked iPhone 3g, 3gs, 4 IOS 3.1 and Up

The only drawback from using the Straight Talk SIM plan on AT&T locked iPhones is getting MMS setup. Because AT&T Locked iPhones do not give us access to the Cellular Data Network screen we need to get creative on setting up the MMS feature. This is especially the case on iPhones with later IOS Versions. If you've updated your IOS to 4.x or if you have an iPhone 4, then you will need to follow these instructions.

iPhone Apps on the Straight Talk SIM Bring Your Own Phone Plan

Other than MMS (multimedia messaging), one of the concerns you may have if you're considering switching your iPhone to the Straight Talk Sim card plan is whether all your standard apps will work. So I've gone through app by app to be sure it works while on the Straight Talk sim. While technically speaking, there is no difference between accessing apps like iTunes from the AT&T plan versus the Straight Talk prepaid sim plan, I wanted to make sure.

How to Add Straight Talk APN Settings for 3g Data on iPhone 3g/3g/4 With Apple iPhone Configuration Utility

This tutorial will show you how to set up Straight Talk's APN settings using Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility for 3g data access. I like this method because it's safe, easy and fast. This is done without WiFi as it is done via your iPhone's cable. It lets you enter the Straight Talk APN settings along with the APN proxy settings and port. You will need to download the Software directly from Apple and will work on any iPhone. It's available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Setting Up Straight Talk iPhone MMS on AT&T locked iPhones 3g and 3gs up to early IOS 3.1

Lets get onto jailbreaking your iPhone to get our MMS working with Straight Talk! Here are the basic instructions along with links to the appropriate tutorial. These should be performed in order. Because this is a rather extensive process and has been covered in many places throughout the web, I have included the links to the best tutorials available for performing each procedure. Perform one by one, then return to this page to go to the next tutorial.