Straight Talk Sim Card Program Using a CDMA iPhone

If you are in a CDMA only area or if you have a CDMA iPhone, then we are terribly sorry. You simply cannot use the Straight Talk Sim card and don't bother buying an iPhone for it because it's not going to work. Don't bother buying a Verizon or Sprint iPhone for the Straight Talk Sim card program either because neither is going to work. CDMA phones do not use sim cards, hence they will not work. By now, you are thinking, "how do I know if my area is CDMA only", basically, if there is no TMobile or AT&T coverage, then you are in a CDMA only area. The other thing you can do is visit the Straight Talk Sim page and test you Zip code. If your zip code is CDMA only, they will flat out tell you that your zip code is not supported. To test the Straight Talk page and make the selections below:

You will be told if your zip code is not supported. We're afraid you are out of luck if that's the case. Neither an iPhone or an Android will work using the Straight Talk sim card program. You may want to look at one of the Android phones offered by Straight Talk. You will still get the $45 plan but of course the phone selection is limited.