Setting Up Straight Talk iPhone MMS on AT&T locked iPhones 3g and 3gs up to early IOS 3.1

Lets get onto jailbreaking your iPhone to get our MMS working with Straight Talk! Here are the basic instructions along with links to the appropriate tutorial. These should be performed in order. Because this is a rather extensive process and has been covered in many places throughout the web, I have included the links to the best tutorials available for performing each procedure. Perform one by one, then return to this page to go to the next tutorial. If you prefer not to mess with these instructions, then think about getting an iPhone directly from Straight Talk.

Be aware that this will only work on iPhones 3g/3gs up to early versions of IOS 3.1. IOS versions beyond this have a security restriction that renders these procedures useless even on jailbroken phones. Instructions for iOS 3.1 and above

1. Determine what operating system your phone is using. This is important because jailbreaking tools and instructions vary from version to version. Determine your iPhone OS Version

2. Download jailbreaking tool. Jailbreak the phone and install Cydia. Visit iClarified for the tutorial that's appropriate to your version. Here is the link to the Jailbreak Tutorial Selection page. Simply pick your iPhone model then select the tutorial that matches the version found above.

3. Now that you've jailbroken your iphone, install OpenSSH so that you can connect to the phone via SSH to download the file that needs to be edited in order to enable the Network Data settings screen. SSH Install tutorial.

5. Now it's time to enable the iPhone Cellular Network Data settings screen. This is done by editing the file that was downloaded from the phone above. Carrier Network file editing.

6. Change the MMS settings from the Cellular Network Data screen.

7. Enjoy MMS!


Once you get this working, DO NOT upgrade your IOS. Upgrading will send you to IOS 4+ rendering this whole procedure useless!

As you can see, getting MMS to work is a rather extensive process and will require a few tech skills. If you're not comfortable performing these steps then you may opt to simply set up an email account on the phone and simply using email to send your multimedia files.

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