iPhone Apps on the Straight Talk SIM Bring Your Own Phone Plan

Other than MMS (multimedia messaging), one of the concerns you may have if you're considering switching your iPhone to the Straight Talk Sim card plan is whether all your standard apps will work. So I've gone through app by app to be sure it works while on the Straight Talk sim. While technically speaking, there is no difference between accessing apps like iTunes from the AT&T plan versus the Straight Talk prepaid sim plan, I wanted to make sure. This also applies to all the paid Apps you get from iTunes, of course it's impossible to test all of them. I've also tested some of the popular ones like Netflix. Below are is the noteworthy stuff.

Check Straight Talk Sim Availability in Your Area

I'm glad to report that iTunes works perfectly fine, just as in any other iPhone. If you have multiple accounts, you just need to be sure to set up the proper account you want to use by going to Settings->Store. You will need to verify your account payment info by entering your credit card security code. Any iTunes gift card credits will be available from your Straight Talk iPhone once you sign in using the account with the credits. Additionally, you can sync purchased songs from other devices into your Straight Talk iPhone. So no issues at all getting iTunes to work properly. 3g download speeds were no different that downloading from an AT&T phone.

As expected, the App Store works perfectly fine. The App Store will use the same settings as your iTunes account that you set up in the Settings->Store. You can still download apps even on jailbroken phones.

Netflix is my single most favorite app on the iPhone so it's important that it works, to me at least. Happy to report that Netflix works flawlessly on my Straight Talk iPhone 3g! Now I did have to sign in to Netflix while on WiFi, for some reason i could not sign in while on 3G data. I don't think this has anything to do with it being on Straight Talk sim as the app worked perfectly fine when I disconnected WiFi and got back on 3G once signed on. The one thing I am interested in is if the phone will be capped at 2gigs like a contract AT&T phone. I will use the Netflix app extensively and report back as this is the fastest way to get to the 2gig cap. I am 99% sure that the AT&T standard 2 gig data cap will apply despite the plan being advertised as Unlimited.

YouTube, Stocks, Weather, Maps and Email all working as expected. Nothing exciting to report here other than they work perfectly fine. I do find the built in iPhone YouTube app to be pretty much worthless so I use YouTube by going to m.youtube.com.

Check Straight Talk Sim Availability in Your Area

Conclusion, all the apps I tested worked perfectly fine. I did not notice any speed differences between a standard AT&T contract phone and the Straight Talk Sim phone. Feel free to add comments or ask questions in the comments section.

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