How to Add Straight Talk APN Settings for 3g Data on iPhone 3g/3g/4 With Apple iPhone Configuration Utility

This tutorial will show you how to set up Straight Talk's APN settings using Apple's iPhone Configuration Utility for 3g data access. I like this method because it's safe, easy and fast. This is done without WiFi as it is done via your iPhone's cable. It lets you enter the Straight Talk APN settings along with the APN proxy settings and port. You will need to download the Software directly from Apple and will work on any iPhone. It's available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

If you prefer not to mess with this stuff, then you might want to think about Straight Talk Direct iPhones.

1. Download and install the software for your computer: iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows, Download iPhone Configuration Utility for Mac OS X. Be sure to save it someplace you can find it to perform the installation.

2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open up the program.

3. Once your phone is connected, the utility will recognize your phone and display it under Devices as shown below.

4. Under Library, select Configuration Profiles then click New at the top left corner. The main screen will load into Identity where we will give it a profile name, lets call it Straight Talk APN . Next, give it a profile identifier , lets call it com.straighttalk.apn, this is a required field.

5. Now on the left side bar, scroll down and click Advanced then click Configure. The advanced screen is where we will enter the Straight Talk APN settings. Enter att.mvno in the Access Point Name(APN) field. Enter for Proxy Server and 80 for the port. Proxy server maybe needed by some phones but will not hurt if it doesn't. Note that there is no Save button, your entries will be saved automatically

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6. Now it's time to save it on the phone. Click on your iPhone under Device from the left bar. Then go to the Configuration Profiles tab and click the Install button next to your profile.

7. You will now see an Install Profile screen on your phone. Simply click install on the phone and confirm to apply it. You will see a Profile Installed screen and click Done to complete. Turn WiFi off if you have it on to test. There should be no need to reboot as it should work right away. This will only work for data. It will not make your MMS work.

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