Will iPhone 5 Work with Straight Talk Prepaid Sim?

With the release of the iPhone 5, many of us are wondering if the new iPhone 5 will work with the Straight Talk Unlimited prepaid sim card. Here is what we know so far:

Straight Talk Sim Card for iPhone 5

New Unlocked iPhone 5 for Straight Talk

The iPhone 5 unlocked version will work with the Straight Talk prepaid sim plan. This includes 4g data, MMS, SMS and voice of course. The unlocked version of the iPhone 5 for Straight Talk will vary in price from $649 for 16gb up to $849 for the high end 64 gb. Going with Straight Talk will pay the phone back in savings within the year so phone price does not look too bad when you think about it. Of course there will be some sticker shock considering the lofty prices for new devices.

Straight Talk Sim for Unlocked iPhone 5 Details

3 Unlocked iPhone 5 models are available for Straight Talk 16gb for $649, 32gb $749 and 64gb $849. All 3 models are fully compatible with Straight Talk.

iPhone 5 uses a micro Sim

Straight Talk Micro Sims are only available for AT&T

TMobile compatible Straight Talk sims can also be used but must be trimmed to micro size

Used Unlocked iPhone 5 for Straight Talk

With the phones in such high demand, don't expect to save much in the used market, at least not for some time. There will no doubt be no shortages on eBay but if you're going to pay that much, you may as well buy a brand new unlocked iPhone 5. Don't forget, Straight Talk will save you at least $600 a year over a comparable AT&T or Verizon contract plan. Remember, that though the subsidized iPhone 5s are going for about $200, you will need to sign a 2 year contract and pay close to $100 a month for contract service.

AT&T locked iPhone for Straight Talk

This option will undoubtedly be the cheaper option, at least in terms of up front costs but remember that the phone will need to be jail broken if you want MMS to work assuming the Tether Me app is still compatible with the device. There is no word on that yet but check back on this site as the details become available. We will try to get our hands on one and try to do some testing. As of this writing, there isn't even an option for jailbreaking the phone yet though that hurdle will undoubtedly be jumped in a matter of days after the phone is released.