Straight Talk iPhone or Cricket iPhone?

Much has been made of the "new" prepaid Cricket iPhone plan. Sure, this is the first "official" prepaid iPhone offering, but Straight Talk has been offering iPhone compatible sim cards for sometime.

You may be wondering what the difference is between the Cricket iPhone plan and the Straight Talk iPhone sim card. For starters, the Straight Talk iPhone sim plan is GSM and will work with both TMobile if your iPhone is unlocked or AT&T if it's not so that is a large coverage area. The Cricket iPhone plan on the other hand, is CDMA and will only work on Cricket's rather small calling area. Do not make the mistake in thinking that Cricket will have the same calling area as Verizon or Sprint because they are not one in the same. In fact, Cricket has their own calling area which is limited to large urban areas.

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Another item to consider is the very hefty price of the Cricket iPhones. No subsidies here so you will be paying full price for either an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s. That's $500 for the 4s and $400 for the iPhone 4. In case you're wondering, you cannot use any old iPhone. Since Cricket is a CDMA provider, you must use their phone. Straight Talk on the other hand, can utilize any AT&T locked or unlocked iPhone which you can find used for substantial savings. What's even better is the fact that you can bring your very own iPhone over to the Straight Talk plan and only have to pay the $20 for the sim card. Did we mention that the Straight Talk iPhone can be switched over to contract at any time?

The conclusion, the Straight Talk iPhone compatible sim card is a much better option than paying a king's randsome for a new Cricket iPhone. Using a Straight Talk compatible sim card is more flexible and will be cheaper to start of. Additionally, Straight Talk offers a much larger coverage area via AT&T and TMobile. If you're serious about switching out of a contract plan and into prepaid with an iPhone, then consider the Straight Talk GSM sim.

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