How to Buy a Straight Talk Sim Card

So you want to take advantage of the Straight Talk Sim card program. Cool beans! Here is a quick tutorial on how to buy the proper Straight Talk Sim for your iPhone or any other GSM phone for that matter.

1. First thing you need is to figure out what type of Straight Talk Sim card you need. Keep in mind that your iPhone is not going to work with just any old Straight Talk Sim card. To figure out which sim card you need, first determine who covers your area, TMobile or AT&T. Test your zip code on our coverage area test.

Check Straight Talk Sim Availability

2. If you have an AT&T locked iPhone and our coverage area test says either AT&T or TMobile, then opt for the AT&T compatible Sim. This sim will work with your iPhone without any issues. Check out our iPhone Straight Talk Activation page for instructions on activating your data. If you have an AT&T locked iPHone and only TMobile in your area, then we're sorry...You will not be able to activate your iPhone in your area.

3. If you have an unlocked iPhone 3g or 3gs, then any of the sim card types will work. Do not pick the TMobile compatible type card unless you know for a fact that TMobile services your area. Again, if in doubt, check your zip.

4. If you have an unlocked iPhone 4, then your only options are AT&T compatible or unlocked sim card.

5. Now that you've selected the the proper sim card for your iPhone. It's time to select the sim card type.

6. iPhone 4 and 4s will use the micro sim card type while the iPhone 3g / 3gs will use the standard sim aka mini sim.

7. Note that if you have an unlocked iPhone 4 and want TMobile you are out of luck because Straight Talk does not have TMobile compatible micro sims. You should opt for the unlocked sim card type.

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