How To Activate AT&T Locked iPhone 3g/3gs with Straight Talk Sim Program

Straight Talk iPHone SimThis video will walk you through the Straight Talk iPhone activation process. It is an easy process which requires no tech skills whatsoever.

This is phone is still locked to AT&T. There is no need to unlock the iPHone when you buy an AT&T compatible Sim from Straight Talk. The phone in this example is straight out of the box, no jailbreaking or unlocking. Note that the phone will have voice/text/data but will not have MMS messaging. This means you can't send images or sounds via text, only plain word texts . An out of the box iPhone does not allow you to change the MMS settings so Jailbreaking will be required for you to activate MMS on the phone,. If you aren't a technical person or just don't want to bother with jailbreaking, just add an email account to the email app and send files using that. For full text instructions, please go to Straight Talk iPhone 3gs Straight Talk Instructions. If you have an iPhone 4, the instructions are essentially the same other than the sim tray being on the side of course.

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