iPhones Directly From Straight Talk

If you prefer not to have to mess with jail breaking your iPhone and just want one that simply works, then perhaps you might be interested in an iPhone directly from Straight Talk. Check Straight Talk iPhone Availability

Straight Talk now offers the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Before you you get too excited though, be aware that Straight Talk will not subsidize iPhones. This means you will pay full price for the privilege of having one. On the bright side, the phones will be carrier unlocked and are GSM so you will be able to take your iPhone with you to say, AT&T or TMobile should Straight Talk not do it for you. This is a huge advantage over the iPhones from other prepaid providers like Cricket and Virgin Mobile.

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Benefits of buying iPhone Directly from Straight Talk

No jail breaking or unlocking to get Data and MMS working.

Straight Talk iPhones will be carrier unlocked so can be used with any GSM carrier such as TMobile or AT&T.

iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 will be available for purchase.

Straight Talk will be offering a financing plan through WalMart if you can't afford the phone outright.

Check Straight Talk iPhone Availability

Cons of buying iPhone Directly from Straight Talk

Straight Talk iPhones will not be subsidized so you will pay the full purchase price for any of the iPhones.

Straight Talk data can restrictive if you use it too much.

Available Straight Talk iPhones

Straight Talk is offering all iPhone models except for the old 3gs models. This means you can get an iPhone 4, an iPhone 4s or an iPhone 5. All Straight Talk direct iPhones will be 16 gig models and will range in price from around $500 for the iPhone 4 to around $700 for the iPhone 5s.