How to Activate Your Straight Talk iPhone

There are a some things you need to know before purchasing your Straight Talk SIM card and activating your 3g, 3gs , 4 or 4s iPhone. Read these FAQs if you are planning on buying an iPhone to use on the Straight Talk Sim card plan.

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Does this violate the new anti carrier subsidized phone locking laws?

If you were not aware, unlocking carrier locked phones is now illegal and violators can be fined up to $500k and spend 5 years in jail! The great thing about this plan is that it does not violate this in anyway because the phone does not need to be unlocked to work.

What model iPhone Do I need for the the Straight Talk Sim plan?

Your best bet is to purchase an unlocked iPhone. An unlocked iPhone, whether it be 3g, 3gs , 4, 4s or 5 will be the easiest to activate because you don't need to worry whether you have TMobile or AT&T in your area. An unlocked iPhone will work on either network. This is important because you must specify whether your phone is AT&T or Unlocked when buying and enrolling into the Straight Talk Sim card program.

What about an AT&T Locked iPhone on the Straight Talk Sim plan?

What if you already have an AT&T iPhone and you know for a fact that AT&T covers your area? Then you're in luck because a locked AT&T phone will work with an AT&T compatible Straight Talk Sim card without much hassles. They will send you what the phone thinks is an AT&T card but you will need to do a few things. Check out our Straight Talk iPhone activation instructions .

Can I activate my AT&T locked iPHone with TMobile?

The short answer is no. If the phone is still locked to AT&T, then you will need to get the AT&T compatible sim or unlock your phone. Note that most so called unlocking software for sale out there is crap so don't even bother unless you know what to look for. There is lots of info out there on unlocking your iPhone but be careful because much of the info is outdated or down right crap. The iPhone unlocking scene is murky at best.

Can I activate my AT&T locked iPHone with TMobile if I jailbreak the phone?

The short answer is no. Jailbreaking your Straight Talk to be iPhone is not the same as unlocking. Jailbreaking the phone simply lets you load apps that aren't necessarily Apple approved. Your phone will remain locked to AT&T even if jailbroken.

I ordered the wrong Straight Talk Sim card, what now?

I'm afraid you are SOL. The Straight Talk Sim cards are not refundable.

Can I activate a Verizon or Sprint iPhone with this Straight Talk Sim plan

No way! Those phones are CDMA. This Sim plan only works on GSM phones. Visit the Straight Talk CDMA iPhone for more info.

I have an unlocked iPhone 4 , iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 and want to Activate with TMobile. Why no Micro Sim for TMobile Compatible on Straight Talk?

Good question. We don't know. Select unlocked phoned then pick the micro sim. Test your zip code or visit the Straight Talk SIM card page before you do that to see whether TMobile might be given to you. There is not way to know with 100% certainty when both AT&T and TMobile provide coverage in the same area. That said, you can easily trim a Straight Talk TMobile standard sim to work as a micro sim.