What is The Straight Talk Sim Card Kit?

The Straight Talk SIM card plan that lets you activate an iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs and iPhone 4 without the burden of a contract plan. The program is simple and easy to enroll in. Best of all, you can get all the iPhone features without the Contract price. No hacks, this is a legit program so your phone won't be deactivated because of unauthorized use. Additionally, this does not violate the new anti phone locking laws because carrier subsidized phones do not need to be unlocked to be used with Straight Talk. Find Used iPhones up to 80% off..

So take a look around and learn more about the Straight Talk Sim program for iPhones. This site will answer all your questions and help you get started with this great program that will save you hundreds of dollars a year on while still taking advantage of the same benefits a regular iPhone and contract plan has to offer.

Check Straight Talk Sim Availability


Save over 50% over a contract plan

Keep all the iPhone features and functionality including 3g, iTunes, App Store, etc.

Sim cards provided for both TMobile and AT&T in standard and micro size for all iPhone models. Check your calling area

No Contracts or termination fees

iPhone can still be used with a contract plan if terminating the Straight Talk plan

How does it Work?

Purchase the Straight Talk Sim card kit for about $20 and change

Activate the Sim card online. Port your existing number if you'd like.

Unlimited monthly service is provided for $45 a month. Sorry, the Straight Talk $30 will not work with this plan.

GSM only, will not work with CDMA iPhones.

MMS will require that you Jailbreak your iPhone on AT&T locked iPhones.